Personalized exercise programs for a more adventurous life.

- Evidence based training to keep you progressing - 

- TransformAdventure Fitness -

You deserve training that is tailored to your fitness journey.

- Initial 3 Sessions -

All our new clients start with these 3 sessions. In these sessions we set goals, assess your baseline, and create a plan. Investment:  $189

- Continue Your Training -

After you fall in love with your coach and help to create the plan, you can continue your training in 10, 15, or  20 session packages. You will work with us at least once a week. Investment: About $65 per session

- Adventure Confidently -

Better fitness means more energy.  You will be able to carry more, go for longer, and take on bigger challenges.  You won’t just be more confident adventuring but in your everyday life.

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Have More Adventures

You will feel stronger, more balanced, and full of energy

TransformAdventure Fitness uses evidence based training to keep you making progress and prevent injury.

Personal Training is for you if:

  • You don’t feel ready for the group environment.
  • Are looking to make the fastest progress in the shortest amount of time.
  • Or, want to train for a specific adventure in your future.

We want to help you get fit and live more adventurously. Try the Personal Training with TransformAdventure Fitness and adventure with ease.

1st Payment due on the day of the first session. Hiking Fit and Climbing Strong Session can be paid for in 1,2, or 3 installments.