Fitness programs that build the strength, balance, and stamina for any outdoor adventure

- Live more fit and adventurously - 

- TransformAdventure Fitness -

We are the best place in Concord, NH to get fit for your next outdoor adventure.

- Adventurer Lead -

We love the great outdoors too! Our coaches are hikers, bikers, rock climbers, and more. We are always ready to take on the next, new adventure. That is how we know which exercises to focus on to get you ready for your outdoor adventures.

- All Fitness Levels -

Starting from scratch or a regular exerciser? We make sure all our clients know how to regress or progress every exercise to fit what they and their bodies are ready for. Pushing too hard will end in injury and taking is too easy will lead to slow or no progress. We coach you to the perfect level of "try hard".

- Flexible Training -

Not everyone is ready to put in the hours of consistent training required to become an elite adventurer and we don't expect them too.  Our programs have commitment levels that range from 15 minutes per week to hours per day.

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TransformAdventure Fitness is for you if:

You know you want to keep up with your favorite pastimes, like gardening or biking - but as time goes on, you've noticed, it's harder and harder to kneel down to get to the weeds or ride longer distances.  You want to try a new adventure like rock climbing or snowshoeing, but don't know where to start. Or you just want to jump into fitness training that is more fun than the gym.

At TransformAdventure Fitness, our programs were created with people like you in mind. People who want to feel better, go for longer, and get outside on new adventures.

Our fitness programs can be done at home, with a group, or in private sessions.  You won't lose motivation because you will be training for an adventure like hiking, biking, climbing, and more.  Our guided adventures will make sure that you always have another goal to train for and the combination of traditional conditioning and kickboxing is guaranteed to be more fun than any gym you have workout out at before.

We want to help you get fit and live more adventurously. Just pick the program that fits your schedule and join our next adventure.

- Stability, Strength, Power -

To get the results you deserve, our programs focus on three exercise phases.

- Stability and Balance -

We focus on stability exercises like Single Leg Balance, so you can avoid annoying injuries like twisted ankles.  Balance is trained just like any other skill.

- Strength and Heavy Packs -

We combine exercise equipment you might be familiar with, like kettlebells and medicine balls, with elements of kickboxing to increase resistance and build whole body strength.  This lets you carry more for longer.

- Power and Extra Oomph -

For those who are ready for more, we add intensity and speed to our stability and strength training.  This gives us the extra gas in the tank.  Don't worry, we never start here.

Get Ready To Adventure In New Hampshire With Ease

- Step 1 -

Pick a Program

Personal Training, Group Classes, or At Home Workouts.

- Step 2 -

Try The Workouts

Workouts are designed to get results and be as enjoyable as possible.

- Step 3 -

Have More Adventures

You will feel stronger, more balanced, and full of energy

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We are focused on helping people live a more fit and adventurous life.  TransformDojo is focused on using karate and fitness to give people a more confident life.

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